Wedding Bells

Had the privilege of shooting my very first wedding this summer! Andrew and Danielle made such a cute couple and I really enjoyed capturing their special day. Even though a thunderstorm threatened the ceremony, it cleared up just in time and left for a beautiful overcast sky with the sun peaking down on them. Here’s just a glimpse of what I got to capture.



IMG_8978BWIMG_8987IMG_8974BWIMG_9369BWIMG_9314IMG_9938IMG_9042IMG_9070BWIMG_9113IMG_9122BWIMG_9164IMG_9228IMG_9179IMG_9197BWUntitled-1B Untitled-1IMG_9450IMG_9521IMG_9492IMG_9569IMG_9585IMG_8381BWIMG_9637IMG_9621BWIMG_9625IMG_9643CBWIMG_9675BWIMG_8441BWIMG_9704BWIMG_9750IMG_9790IMG_9824IMG_9850IMG_9860IMG_9864IMG_8820IMG_9906IMG_9985IMG_008BW9IMG_0239 IMG_0214IMG_0304BW


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