Mr. and Mrs. Payton

My first wedding of the season was in Phillips Park and absolutely gorgeous. The mountains and trees made for the perfect back drop. I’ve known Jake since middle school and its crazy seeing my swimming buddy getting married. But it was so obvious he was madly in love with Amber, and I loved capturing every moment of their special day. Here’s a few snap shots:)

IMG_3162 copy IMG_3180 copy IMG_3242 copy IMG_3320 copy IMG_3436 copy IMG_3577 IMG_3628BW IMG_3642 copy IMG_3663 copy IMG_3691 copy (1) IMG_3712 IMG_3801BW IMG_3813BW copy IMG_3863 copy IMG_3888 copy IMG_3897BW IMG_3908 IMG_4024 IMG_4032 IMG_4060BW IMG_4075 IMG_4086BW IMG_4126 IMG_4150 IMG_4349 IMG_4459BW IMG_4563 copy


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