Mr. & Mrs. Stewart


I’ve known Katelyn since she was goofy, boy-crazy girl in 7th grade. We hit it off that first day in gym class where she was wearing her purple cat shirt and I was wearing a soda pop shirt. We loved to embrace our inner goofy selves. I’ve always admired her easy going personality and ability to get along with all kinds of people. Her heart is so big and full of love. I’m so happy that she met the man of her dreams. It was blatantly clear how happy these two were on their wedding day. I’m so glad I could be apart of their special day and could capture their smiling faces:)
IMG_8913BW IMG_8950 IMG_9059 IMG_9087 IMG_9095BW IMG_9176 IMG_9187BW IMG_9206 IMG_9220BW IMG_9253 IMG_9262BW IMG_9298 IMG_9331BW IMG_9332 IMG_9354BW IMG_9585 IMG_9600 IMG_9637BW IMG_9644 IMG_9652 IMG_9656BW IMG_9737 IMG_9916BW


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